Agamikaler Songbad O onyanyo

Dario Fo and Franka Rame

₹ 212

This book represents a Bengali translation of four dramas originally penned in Italian by Nobel Laureate Dario Fo and his wife, actress Franka Rame. Italian actress, playwright, and political activist Franka Rame faced the horrific experience of being raped by fascist thugs due to her outspoken stance against the fascist government. Following this traumatic incident, Franka, alongside her husband Dario Fo, established a theatre company dedicated to performing anti-fascist plays throughout their lifetime. The plays compiled in this book are a part of that courageous initiative.

The playwrights aimed to mirror society's reality through banter and satire, striving to raise awareness and protest against the oppression of women and incidents of rape. Renowned translator Bikash Gon Chowdhury presents these short dramas in Bengali for the first time, offering an eloquent and unique rendition of their powerful narratives.

Publisher: Anustup

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