Bangalir Bat-tala

Adris Biswas

₹ 645 ₹ 645

Bat-tala is the equivalent of London's Grub Street. Bat-tala was the name given to the printing and publication industry that developed in the nineteenth century Calcutta (now Kolkata) primarily to meet the demand of ordinary and semi-literate people. Though it was ridiculed by the rising literary gentry, bat-tala literature held its own in the publication industry of Bengal until the end of the nineteenth century, and had met with wonderful popularity. This book explores the various facets of the Bat-tala literature and culture, and the contributors have tried to account for the growth and decline of the Bat-tala phenomenon. This book also presents reprints of a number of important Bat-tala texts and Bat-tala illustrations, which will prove useful for serious readers and researchers.

Publisher: Anustup

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