Ekkhon o Nirmalya Acharya


₹ 170

Nirmalya Acharya, the esteemed editor of 'Ekkhon Magazine,' stands as a rare gem in the world of Bengali literature, where editors often receive less recognition than authors. Without stalwarts like Acharya, Bengali literature would have been deprived. This compilation serves as a tribute to Acharya, featuring memoirs from notable Bengali personalities such as Ashok Mitra, Shankha Ghosh, Kartik Lahiri, along with unpublished letters and contents from Ekkhon. The volume also includes interviews with personalities like Soumitra Chatterjee, offering insights into Acharya's profound impact as a literary editor during a transformative period in Bengal's social, political, cultural, and literary landscape. Eminent writers express their gratitude, honoring Acharya's substantial contributions in this comprehensive volume.

Publisher: Anustup

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