Rabindranath-er Rajneetibodh o Onyanyo Alochona

Prasad Sengupta

₹ 297

Prasad Sengupta, a former professor, wrote extensively on various aspects of Bengali literature, nineteenth-century Bengal, and the Bengal Renaissance. The present volume closely examines Rabindranath Tagore’s valuable observations and perceptive responses to contemporary political affairs, engaging with both the national and international scenarios. Tagore’s political insight, as revealed in his reactions to events ranging from the rise of the Indian National Congress and the Gandhi era to the emergence of Subhash Chandra Bose on the national political scene, remains a subject of contemplation for contemporary thinkers and essayists. This book by Prasad Sengupta offers a meticulous study of Tagore’s political consciousness, his insightful reflections on the education system, and his complex responses to the religious and communal affairs of his contemporary times.

Publisher: Anustup

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