Surma Nadir Deshe

Surama Ghatak

₹ 170

In 1995, Surama Ghatak stood atop the Nakalikai waterfall in Cherrapunji, taking in the mist-shrouded Surma River and Surma Valley. In that poignant moment, memories cascaded down, etching themselves ever-present in her mind. Surama eloquently wrote about her birthplace, Srihatta or Sylhet, a sentiment consistently cherished by Ritwik Ghatak, her husband. Hemanga Biswas, a soul from the valley, commended Surama for her spirited and combative attitude—a true reflection of indomitable spirit. This book beautifully captures the enchanting landscape of the Land of Surma River, offering a glimpse into the soul of Sylhet.

Publisher: Anustup

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